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7 Tips To Keep Your Vagina Healthy And Clean

Your vagina is one of the most important parts of your body, therefore you need to look after it. Here are 7 tips to keep your vagina healthy and clean.

  1. Use Only Water: You must have heard about this before but are you practising it? Water is basically all we need to keep a health vagina. Using other chemical products that we are not sure about the ingredients in them can affect the vaginal normal flora and increase the chance of vaginal infection, these products can throw off the normal vaginal PH which is really not good for achievement of a healthy clean vagina. Avoid douching, also, remember that the vagina is a self cleansing organ.
  2. Air The Vagina: Please allow some fresh air into the vagina, wear loose clothes, cotton panties are breathable and advisable to use, I personally do not wear any underwear when am at home, to allow some fresh air inside my paradise.
  3. Sex Is Important But Your Vagina Is More Important: Before you have that next sex think about the safety of your vaginal health first, consider to opt out if your paradise is at risk, you have the responsibility to protect yourself and to practice safe sex. Sexual transmitted infections commonly known as ‘STIs or STDs’ are mutual with unsafe sex practice. STI results to unhealthy vagina, therefore if you are not sure about the sexual health status of the person you are going to be having sex with, it is important to use condom for protection.
  4. Your Gynaecologist Is Your Vagina’s Best Friend Forever: Dr A Aka of ‘The Gynae Center’ explained that, ‘as women age, the risk of certain diseases becomes more prevalent and a yearly check allows for preventative screening for the likes of cervical cancer, breast disease and pelvic disorders’. Regular visit to your gynaecologist and having a pap smear done when due is important. Your gynaecologist would be the expert in answering detailed health concerns in regard to your vagina and to give suggestion about the best treatment if needed.
  5. Peeing After Sex Is A Tip: Urinating after sex helps with cleaning of the vagina and reduce the risk of UTI.
  6. Wipe Up: When you use the toilet please wipe yourself from front to back to avoid introducing bacteria from the bottom to the vaginal region. Wipe and clean your toilet regularly to avoid transfer of germs from the toilet to you.
  7. If You Have To Lubricate: Dry vagina can be a thing, if you use lubricants for dryness during sexual intercourse then consider swapping chemical filled lubricants to natural oils like olive or coconut oil.
how to keep your vagina clean and healthy
Sex is important but your vagina is more important, take care of it.

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08 comments on “7 Tips To Keep Your Vagina Healthy And Clean

  • Oyetade Covenant , Direct link to comment

    Quite elucidating. Unfortunately, most people don’t bother to learn about their body parts, how they function, and how to take good care of them, until it’s too late. Yet, they knew the saying that: “prevention is better than cure”. How can you prevent something unpleasant from happening when you really haven’t learned how to.

    • Dearsonma , Direct link to comment

      That’s why information and education are important, some people are not well informed as well hence the issue.

    • Nuel Kim , Direct link to comment

      I love this piece, thanks for enlightening us once more,I enjoy reading your works but the problem here in Nigeria is getting the for other tips, it’s doable. Thank you @Dear Sonma

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