Hi Dear

Are you living your best life yet? Uhmm.. Tricky question isn’t it? Some people think that money is a medium for you to live your best life, while this may be true, there is an extent that money would go to solve certain problems, but information and support I believe is key to living your best life. 

Ever had a best friend who is always there for you, gives you the best viable information and support when you need it the most? If yes then you are on track to living your best life. Imagine having the best of both worlds..A BFF sure sounds good, doesn’t it?

 Dear Sonma is your best find forever (BFF) who is going to help you live your best life. On this blog/vlog platform extending to YouTube, I will be sharing with you a lot of daily life tips, strategies, and tricks to help you tackle everyday life issues, I will also be throwing in discussions about trending topics to keep you abreast, as well, expect relationship talks to sex & love, plus health tips, not excluding, top lifestyle hacks. 

happy life