How to move and live in the UK-Evaluating your travel plans


Hi best friend, if you have been following me on Facebook, you may have known that I spoke about discussing how to move and live in the United Kingdom legally. It is going to be a long ride of information hence I have decided to break it down into episodes and it will also allow a detailed part of the information to be shared.

With this series, expect information on your travel plan evaluation, visas, flying into the UK, housing, taxes, jobs, education, healthcare, money-saving tips in the UK, and the best cities and areas to settle. This would be a mixture of writing and video series to better deliver the needed information.

In this episode of how to move and live in the United Kingdom legally, I will be focusing on evaluating your proposed travel plans. With every arrangement or life-changing event as relocating, you need to put a lot of thought and consideration into it. I would lie to you if I come here today and jump into telling you what agencies to go to and the embassy to get your visa, blah, blah, blah.

As your best friend forever it’s my duty to give you the tips and tricks on how to live your best life and be honest with you about the pros and cons; but the final decision lays in your hands.

I will focus on 7 direct points which I have listed below, Some of them are questions you have to ask and answer yourself and some are for you to reflect on while you evaluate your travel plans.

  1. Ask yourself this question, ‘Why choose the UK?’

2. What do you intend to achieve upon moving here?

3. Do you have any career or skills that are going to help you thrive here?

4. Is traveling the best option for you or just establishing where you are?

5. Clearing the myths about living abroad and the UK

6. How long do you intend to live in the UK?

7. Do I like the weather and how about the cold?

I have attached a video link below where I went in-depth to discuss these questions further.

Read watch and let me what is the next topic you want me to talk about on the next episode.

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  • Aderemi Adeyanju , Direct link to comment

    Is the code for me, I easily get cold, even in AC. Thanks so very much momma #Dearsonma for the teaching, we’re truly learning a lot. Thanks so very much Dearsonma

    • Oyetade Covenant , Direct link to comment

      Cold? Is it colder in the UK 🇬🇧 more than Russia? 🇷🇺 But you don’t have to worry yourself too much about that, if you’re not a very religious person. All you need to do is get yourself a bottle of whiskey 🥃
      Just saying.

  • Ekwe perpetual Eberechukwu , Direct link to comment

    If I want to move to UK how much do I need to have to be able to move down there

  • Nwobu Gabriel , Direct link to comment

    If i enter with tourist visa and decided to stay. How will i go about it.

    • Dearsonma , Direct link to comment

      Legal, you can only visit and go back to your country of destination with your tourist visa. However, if you are opportune to get an offer of employment while visiting then it puts ahead. You should then be advised to go back to your destination country and then your new employer will then file for you to come back on a work visa which should allow you to live in the UK legally.

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