Vera My Irreplaceable Love-Submitted By Readers

Vera My Irreplaceable Love-Submitted By Readers

In 2012 when I travelled to another city to visit my mom, I saw this amazing looking young beautiful girl😲, as a smooth guy I decide to try my luck πŸƒby chasing after her. I wanted to at least enjoy fresh new meat before returning back to the city where I reside.

So when I started telling her how I feel about her, she was not giving me the right energy. At the directive of my male friend who knew her, I decided to change my approach, which resulted in proceeding with trying to build a platonic friendship with her.πŸ˜“ That’s when I got to know that her name is “Vera”.

I began to act like a good guy but all I wanted was to feel the heaven in her and run away πŸ˜‚ . Vera made it easy for me to be a friend but very difficult to be her lover. Vera is my kind of woman, she has this amazing baby body that never gets old, she was also very intelligent.

Vera was actually waiting to write her final secondary school exam. So she was more focused on her education. Sometimes she will ask me questions about my school experience and more, she inspired me to return back to school and finish my secondary school exams.

I did everything Vera wanted in other to make her happy and to at least allow me to be her man even for a little while. πŸ˜‚

But the truth is that the more Vera resist me, the more I think about her, the more my feelings increased and the more I love her. I later went back to my resident city and we kept in touch over the phone.

In 2013, I returned again to visit my mother. I was very close to Vera’s home and we communicated every day. Vera finally agrees to be my woman on the 31 first night of 2013. We officially started dating on the first day of 2014 that night was the first day I kissed her and till today we are best friends and lovers.

God has blessed us with beautiful kids and has really been good to us. We have been through different kinds of situations that would have ended our relationship, but because we love ourselves, we never let those situations conquer us. Today we live happily.

I love my wife because she respects, loves, and appreciates whatever I give her, no matter how little it is.

My choice, my happiness, my irreplaceable my love on this very day I promise to continue to love and respect you till the very end God bless you for staying by me till this day And I believe with the help of God almighty we will grow old together and carry our grandchildren β€οΈπŸ™.

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