You woke up this morning after a sleepless night with that feeling of hopelessness, unhappiness, no appetite, irritation, no motivation to do anything, and you could care less what happens next, you feel like the whole world has deserted you and there is nothing left for you. You may be going through an episode of depression, this happens to the best of us. Do you know why depression happens and how to deal with it? Lets talk about it:

Why Depression Happens

Different factors contribute to causes of depression. According to (WHO,2021) Depression results from a complex interaction of social, psychological, and biological factors.

With my personal encounter on depression, I have noticed that depression happens to people when they have gone through a traumatic episodes in their lives.

Episodes of built up stress, financial setbacks, hormonal and chemical imbalances in the body can also lead to depression.

Why the depression happened could help determine the longevity of the effects on the body.

If a depression is caused by some financial setback, as soon as this is sorted, the depression goes.

However, if a depression is caused my hormonal or chemical imbalance, the last thing on this person’s mind is money,food or enjoyment..

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How To Deal With Depression

Dealing with depression precedes with acknowledging you have depression and needs help. What caused the depression is a huge determine factor in dealing with it.

Say for example, you are going through an episode of depression due to temporary unemployment and financial setbacks, as soon as you get your fiances sorted, or look past what you have lost and focus on the bright side of the situation, the depressive episode may get resolved.

Clinical depression caused by chemical or hormonal imbalance in the body may need more of a clinical help from a psychologist or psychiatrist and medication to deal with it.

A lot of daily common activities may help you deal with depression. This includes harnessing your inner power and focusing on doing things that makes you feel your very best.

Below are list of things you may need to focus on improving to help you deal with depression.

  • Exercise or Yoga
  • Find yourself a fun social life
  • Listen to good uplifting music
  • If you are spiritual: Meditation and prayer
  • Make new supportive friends or join a supportive group
  • Good body relaxation techniques like sleep,massage and rest.
  • Channel your thoughts towards positive thinking and stay away from negative energies.

Drop me a comment below and let me know how well you find this article. You can add also add your own list on how to deal with depression in the comment box below.

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  • Ukamaka Ituma , Direct link to comment

    Wow this is very fantastic that everyone going through depression should read and know how to avoid it

  • Jerry Temple , Direct link to comment


    You nailed it.

    Depression is real and people should stop thinking it’s just a spiritual problem.. I think we should start appreciating, motivating, loving and also talking to people more in a positive friendly way to minimize this menace in our society.

  • Treasure Godwin , Direct link to comment

    Dear Sonma, mine started wen I lost my mum last 1st September, and no family helped us bury her, just my brother and I was left to bury our mum , after burrying her last month, we have been left with nothing , we struggle to feed, n survive , tho I’m battling with it currently so I can be strong for my brother, how do I come out of it completely cos most times I feel like taking my own life , I’m into cleaning n fumigation services. , I managed getting a pos and waiting for capital to start up but everyday comes with pains in my heart

    • Dearsonma , Direct link to comment

      Dear Treasure,
      Accept my sympathy for the loss of your mother.
      Losing a mother is something we can never get over in our lifetime,
      but I would encourage you to find strength from being strong, and getting into doing things that you enjoy doing,
      find a close support system, could be a friend whom you can always talk to.
      I also commend you on your new business start-up, please focus on it and grow it into a bigger enterprise that you would be proud of.

  • Aderemi Adeyanju , Direct link to comment

    Wow! Interesting, definitely if I’m able to meet up with my daily wants, I’m 💯 sure I will be free from depression. Thank you so very much momma Dearsonma, more of God’s wisdom to you

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