In a few days, we will be in 2022, as times change and things evolve, some businesses which use to be on top of the game are been phased out, especially with the impact of COVID-19. Hence it’s important to do good research before embarking on any business. Here are 7 great businesses to start in 2022.


Start an e-commerce online business. The Internet has a lot of advantages to businesses than offline.

A lot of people shop online these days, saving capital paid to rent a physical shop, online shopping also promotes social distancing, encouraging people to shop easily from the comfort of their crib.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping business is the good business of the future, it would thrive with minimal contact. You can dropship online or offline. Read more about drop shipping as a business here.

Food business with a twist

The food business will never go out of style. You can start a food business, but add a new twist to it by making your menu and food more creative with an artistic touch. Also, you can throw in a food delivery service for your client.

Delivery Services

People want it faster more than ever. Social distancing from COVID-19 has not made things easier. People prefer to stay home, order anything and have it delivered to them.

You can start a delivery service within your location with your bicycle, tricycle, motorcycle, car, bus, or whatever thing that moves you got.

Natural beauty product

People are exploring the world of organic and naturally-made products, why not explore this? Organic skin and hair care product is the future, think about this when planning to start your business in 2022.


Handmade and homemade products that are not done in a commercial environment may be the booming thing. As the world moves to a more social distancing phase and more people work from home, this phase will see the fall of factory working, and people digging more into making things from their home, and people needing more homemade products.

Social Media Management

Social media have gone from just a fun tool to a money-making gem. A lot of companies need visibility on social media but they don’t know how to do it, why don’t you be their savior? Social media management is an expedient growing and booming industry to harness in 2022, don’t be told.

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