A lot of people bag love during the Christmas period, it’s the festive time, you get to meet people whom you most likely haven’t met in a long time, you get to explore and have fun. It might be easier said than done about how to find love, but here are the 7 ways to find love this Christmas season.

Dump your boyfriend or girlfriend

You are not looking for time wasters in the name of boyfriend or girlfriend, you are looking for love, hence it’s time to shade the dead weight and jog unto what you want.

If you are in a relationship or seeing someone, and you have been feeling that it’s not love-based, then this Christmas period is the best time to take the initiative and break up with them, unless they are willing to align to your love goal.

Travel away

You may need to change your location. Travel to a good location where you can meet and mingle with people of certain types and classes that you desire.

The people around you may be used to you by now, they don’t see you for what you want them to see you as, but you are looking for something spicy and lovely, a new location may bring this to you. It could be your village. You never know where you can find love.

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Let them know you are in it for love

When you meet someone, be specific about what you want. A lot of people are looking for flings these days and the Christmas season is no exception to this fling searching.

Remember to keep your eyes on the price. You need the love, not the fling. Let them know that you are in it for love.

Plan a Christmas party

If you can host, then plan a Christmas party and Invite over your crush from work or neighbourhood. During this party time, use the chance to talk to them properly and get to know them.

Try not to dive into too much on the party date. If the party talk all goes well, then you can ask them out for a proper date, and keep the spark going from there.

Do the Glow up thing

Please take a day off and glow up before you show up. I am not asking you to do too much, but you need to make yourself appealing to be seen. Do your hair, take care of your skin and do a bit of a good in style wardrobe change.

Invite your crush out

Don’t sit and let time pass you by, you can make the moves and invite your crush out on a date. Remember you have to be smart about this one.

You can basically ask them out to a Christmas event they do be interested in or ask them out for a Christmas dinner date. Make it sound Christmassy, but make sure they are into this Christmas thing and willing to buy what you are selling.

Attend every Christmas party

Get yourself into as many Christmas parties as you can. You can meet people from your Christmas work party or friends and family of colleagues whom you never met before. Make sure you dress and carry yourself well to these parties.

You meet people by hanging with people, you never know where you can find love. Explore all safe and viable options available.

Which of these love tips do you like most? Drop me a comment below.

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