7 Ways To Find Your Self-Worth Again And Increase Your Self-Esteem

7 Ways To Find Your Self-Worth Again And Increase Your Self-Esteem

Life happens to every one of us or will happen to us at some stage. How do you manage? An estimated amount of people at some stage in their lives lose self-worth and may or may not find their way back. I would encourage you to find your way back and regain your uttermost self, hence why I will be sharing with you 7 ways to find your self-worth again and increase your self-esteem.

Add the word “No” to your vocabulary

No is not always negative. We are often afraid to say ‘no’ to a task that we know we can not achieve or meet the deadline, but we choose to say ‘yes’ just because we don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings. We end up collecting and collecting until we are overstretched.

‘No’, is one of the powerful words you can use to regain your power and discover who you are. If you say no to that stretchy task and spend more time with yourself, your self will appreciate you more.

Each time you say no to bullshit, you start to feel better about yourself. Next time you say no to that advantage taker in your life, see how well you will feel about your self-worth!

Add ‘no’ to your vocabulary and see how well it will affect your all round self-worth and self-esteem.

Block some people from your contact list

I use to keep people on a tab and go back to message them over and over and hope they do come around.

First of all, when you do this kind of thing, people wouldn’t take you seriously as you appear desperate to them, they give you cold shoulders, and you start to feel like no one loves or cares about you.

No, this is not true. There are people who adore, love, and care about you and you just have to find them and surround yourself with them.

Block and delete those people from your life who makes you feel worthless and start to embrace more people with a positive aura and great vibes into your life.

Add some people to your contact list

You need to update your contact list. When I speak of a contact list I don’t literally mean you should walk around and collect phone numbers of everyone that smiled at you at the park.

Your contact list could be your favourite blogger or influencer who shares inspirational messages that align with your value.

Your contact list can be a local club or gathering of like-minded people who have a positive mindset in view and are there to uplift others.

What are you good at?

Good is good when it’s good, please focus on one or two things you are good at or passionate about and give all your energy to it in nurturing it to grow.

Please note that it must be something positive that can add value to your life as a human.

Take, for example, if you enjoy reading, and travelling, then redirect your focus and give all your energy towards building up your knowledge through reading, travelling, and exploring, this will limit the amount of time you spend doubting yourself.

Without a doubt here, knowledge is one of the key factors for boosting self-worth or self-esteem.

Focus more on the positive aspect of life

A lot of times we place all our energy on negative things that we forget to appreciate the positive ones.

Give yourself a tap on the back, celebrate your small wins, and remember that no one is perfect and no one is without troubles or problems.

Learn from your mistakes and grow from them, change the things you can change, and leave the ones you can not change behind.

Shine the light back on yourself

Take back control! Whatever situation compromising your self-worth, you need to discover, plan and execute a well-thought working plan to deal with the situation.

And when that is done, and done with, then you need to do you! Take a bath, exercise, do yoga, and indulge in things that you enjoy doing in other to drive that feel-good hormone back on track.

Slow but steady

Now that you are all back on track. How do you keep it going? Slow but steady. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take it one day at a time, but remember to be consistent with it all.

Don’t go back to falling into the same hole that brought you down, stay clear of those friends and pals that have no positive, and keep up with the positive good energy all around.

Drop me a friendly message at Hello@dearsonma.com to let me know how well you are getting on. Leave a comment below on how well you find this article and what else you could add to the list.

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