Communication is a vital part of our existence. Often times you hear the phrase, ‘communication is key.’ Key to what, if I may ask? Keys give us access to different channels, from our car key to our house key down to our office keys. This is how communication channels, communication is a key that can be used in different settings of life, communication can serve excellent purposes if used well. Today we will focus on 7 practical ways to improve communication in a relationship.

Listen Blindly

Shall we look at this from a different perspective? Have you ever listened to a song that you like with your eyes closed, while all your concentration is on the lyrics and the beat with no distraction? How good does that feel?

In relationships, we should adopt this aspect of listening. A lot of people listen to respond not to understand and internalize, therefore the message our partner is trying to get across gets lost in transit.

When next your partner is speaking, practice listening blindly, you may not physically shut your eyes, but you can shut your mind from wondering about and trying to find a fighting response.

Body Language Is Important

We may have heard this over and over. Your body language speaks before your vocal. It’s quite important to pass on your message with body language that aligns with your intentions. In another way, it’s important to listen with a mannered body language.

For example. If your partner is speaking with you about something they do not like and you are laughing it off, look unbothered with your body expression or get up in the middle of the conversation to go answer an unimportant call, all this may be read as you not been concerned about their situation and will come across as uncaring.

Tell It To Them How It Is

A lot of people do not have this forward approach to telling it how it is. They beat about the bush before arriving at the point or beat about the bush and avoid arriving at the point.

It may work at first, but as time goes on you may appear to your partner as a corny person who is shying away from the truth who may be hiding something and not fully honest.

People will appreciate an honest truthful person in good time, no matter what the world thinks right now. So be honest and truthful in your relationship. Be direct with your partner and communicate ahead of time about your intentions on any particular project.


Stay Silent

This may be off coming from previously telling you to say it and don’t hold back. But then again, life is about balance, there is time to talk and time to shut.

This is something you do understand over time by spending time with your partner and understanding them better.

You do not want to come off as a nagging partner and energy drainer, therefore you do not need to have an opinion about every single thing and respond to everything.

Some days you need to keep quiet and keep your partner in suspense. Also, this will increase the value of your words when you speak. Some refer to it as the ‘silent treatment.’

Open-Ended Questions Are Better

Ask questions where you get explanations, and avoid ‘yes’, or ‘no’ questions, especially if it’s about something your partner did and it’s bothering you up to where you need to get an answer from your partner about it. Instead of asking, ‘did you do that?’ Ask ‘How did you manage to do that?’.

Do Not Over Think It

A little bit blind, a little bit deaf, the relationship gets sweeter. Remember, in every relationship you are still individuals of different entities with personal life.

Do not overthink every action and everything the other person says, do not always be out to get answers and get revenge. There are things you can let slide without ever verbally speaking about them.

Communication Is A Skill, Spare Time Perfecting It

Like every skill, we need to practice and perfect it. Spare some time to communicate in your relationship. It’s not always about busyness, work, money, sleep, sex, phone, technology, and social media.

Tune out yourself from the outside world and tune into your alone time with your partner, sit down, and have deeper conversations about diverse and personal topics.

When you start to practice this often, you will realize that your communication skills get better and better and flow easily.

I wish you all love, and I hope we get better with communication in our relationship. Drop me a comment below to let me know how well you enjoyed this article and if I missed out on anything.

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