There are so many ways a business owner can lose a customer. Some business owners could care the least as they believe in lose one get one. But the reality about Business is that for every one customer you treat wrongly, you tend to lose ten others, why? Because your customer serve as your marketing and promotional campaign team that helps your business grow. Don’t forget that when they are treated badly, their negative word of mouth can affect your business and at the same time make you lose 90% of your buyers. The customer plays a major role in the success of a business for, without them, Businesses can not continue to exist. On this note, we will be looking at 7 Ways To Lose A Customer so that Business owners can actually adjust themselves and put this into consideration so as not to lose their customers.


Most entrepreneurs sell low-quality products to their customers thereby making them believe that the product is of high quality. This can hinder your long-term growth. Poor quality product weakens the relationship between the seller and the buyer, damages your business as a whole by destroying your business reputation. As a result of this, you can end up losing your customer faster. Don’t forget that customers always come back when a product is good even if the price is high. A good quality creates unshakable customers loyalty and it generates more customers in patronizing your business.


Dishonesty is a terrible cankerworm to any business. one of the fastest ways to lose a customer is to be dishonest. People often think that lies breed contempt but I tell you that’s not true rather it destroys relationships. Once an entrepreneur cheats or lies to a customer about price or quality, he or she is creating a loophole in his or her business because once a customer finds out the truth about the entrepreneur’s dishonesty, the customer tends not to believe the Business owner anymore. Don’t forget that customers only patronize you more when they know you’re telling the truth all the time. Don’t forget to give them the right product at an accurate price.


In business, speed is a factor in success. Being able to attend to your customers very fast without sidelining any of them will help you not to lose them. No customer likes waiting for too long before they are attended to. As an entrepreneur, you must be able to be fast in attending to your customers because not everyone has the patience to wait for too long.


No customer can take lightly any form of unruly behavior or character from an entrepreneur. So many business owners today have lost their business because of a lack of courtesy. A few years back, when I went to a supermarket to buy something, the attendant was rude to one of the buyers to the extent that she told him that if he won’t buy how should leave the shop immediately all because the buyer told her that the quality doesn’t suit the price. The customer got upset and left. That single act from the attendant made others leave the supermarket because they felt she has no courtesy for customers. So, as an entrepreneur learn to behave considerately so as not to lose your customers.


Making and breaking promises can lead to disrespect. Nothing irritates a customer than a failed promise from the side of the entrepreneur as it tends to serve as a disappointment to the customer thereby leading to anger. Do you know that those promises made might be forgotten by the customers but they might not forget how your failed promise made them feel? They end up feeling unimportant, worthless, and rejected band they end up leaving.


This is also another cause that leads to loss of customers. Telling a customer a particular price and later changed it without prior notice might end up making the customer not to deal with you and might end up buying from another supplier even if the price is higher than yours. If need be for any price increase, the entrepreneur is expected to give prior information so as to let them know well in advance and most importantly, explain the reason behind the price increase so as not to lose your customers.


Business owners must not fail to ignore feedback from their customers. That is, when they provide feedback, you need to listen. The suggestions your customers bring might be what you will need to grow and improve your business.
In conclusion, entrepreneurs should learn to reward their customers for coming back to buy from them, stay in touch with them, be accessible (don’t be rigid), be polite, be honest and I bet you, your customers won’t want to leave you.

Have you had a bad customer service experience before?

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