The world is going digital than ever, COVID-19 isolation plus restrictions are bugging the whole world recently, online work from home seems to be an ideal thing to explore now than later. Aside from having the right skill, you may need a strong network Internet connection, and a good location to harness this. There are…


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How to make money online

How to make money online

The world is going digital than ever, COVID-19 isolation plus restrictions are bugging the whole world recently, online work from home seems to be an ideal thing to explore now than later. Aside from having the right skill, you may need a strong network Internet connection, and a good location to harness this. There are a lot of benefits to working online. This means that you are able to work around your own schedule, have a lot of flexibility, and answer to no boss. However, you still have to meet deadlines and satisfy your customers so they can come back for more. There are a lot of websites and online money-making opportunities out there, today I will focus on the top 7 websites where you can make money online and work from home opportunities.

Fiverr is a good website to start up with if you are a digital designer and a creator. The only thing is that most of the gigs on there start from $5 but you can negotiate for more money. Fiverr employs people from all over the world. You can make some coins from this website but you just have to be willing to deliver at an agreed date and time.

The top list of jobs you can do on Fiverr are:

  • Graphic designing which includes business cards, logo designs, flyers, and more.
  • Content writing and editing, scriptwriting, including writing business plans for people.
  • If you are a coding guru you can offer coding works, build websites and manage them for clients including search engine optimization (SEO) tools and services.
  • If videos are your thing you can offer to do video Animation and product illustration for brands including video editing and producing social media video content.

Etsy is an online shop, but you will find a lot of handmade art and craft things sold on it. It’s a global store, you just have to set up the shop which is easy to and upload your products and start selling, they take a minimal percentage from each sale you make, but that doesn’t compare to what you do pay if you own a physical store and paying monthly rent. It might be overwhelming at the start for a newbie, but when if you press on and get your reviews up, then you are in for a win.

Merch by Amazon

This company is a baby of Amazon. To make money here you need to have graphic designing skills. All you have to do is sign up on the website, upload T-shirt designs, and get paid a royalty for every design that sells. No hassle, no shipping drama. The part of it is that you only get paid when someone buys the T-shirt you designed.

If you are a researcher in wonder then Askwonder may be able to help you. Askwonder is not for everyone and anyone. It takes five minutes to sign up and if they think you have the skills to work for them, you get your own dashboard where you have access to answer questions from people who are conducting research on different topics. You can make up to $20 an hour doing this if done right.

Freelancer is another top site for online jobs. But it appears they more look for experts in their professions. If you are a developer, a writer, accountant, admin, web, and digital designer you may have jobs waiting for you on Freelancer. You can choose to receive a fixed fee or hourly pay. To get started, create a profile on the website, upload a professional profile with photos, after you are verified then you can go ahead and browse for jobs that suit your skill. When you find a client that is looking for what you offer then go ahead and sell yourself to them and convince them that you are the right person for the job. If you get the job, remember to do your best and deliver on time.

Upwork is another popular website for work at home. A lot of top guns in the industry like Microsoft, Airbnb, GoDaddy have harnessed the expertise offered by Upwork and you shouldn’t be left out. From data entry to graphic designing, writing, proofreading, to scriptwriting name it and you get it. It is all on Upwork, you just have to be up and ready to work.

If you like taking surveys and watching videos then here is a channel for money-making for you. But you have to make up to $30 for you to be able to cash out, plus you get a $5 welcome bonus. To make this a full-time job you may need to have faster WiFi to avoid using burning costly data to watch the videos. Might all sound boring but you know, one man’s down is another man’s ups.

Would you prefer to work online from the comfort of your home or work at a physical workplace? Sound off in the comment box below and let me know what you think.

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        I prefer working online. If only I see the opportunity it will be a great pleasure to me . The state in which the country is now if at all lockdown ever arise I will have nothing to worry About .

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    2. Dearsonma Avatar

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        Anyone, I come across by at home,no available gadgets,like desktop,wifi,laptop to use,but in office all are intacts

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    Dear sonma I prefer to work on line from the comfort of my home, I really love to work with merch by Amazon, InBoxDollars . Com or Fiverr . Com God bless you Dear sonmas

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      Welcome and all the best.

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    Working from the comfort of my home is better with the websites you’ve given, but for now i will prefer to work at a physical place. Thanks so very much momma for puting us through 🙏🙏🙏

    1. Dearsonma Avatar

      Physical work place has its own pros as well. You get to meet and interact with real humans rather than computer. 😃

  4. Odom ijeoma Avatar
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    I really need an online job right now

    1. Dearsonma Avatar

      Check out any of the websites above.

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    I really appreciate this ma, you are superb, i have register on freelancer but they ask me to make some payment before they can give me contract, i can turn a PDF document into word document, and the work is very much on that platform

    1. Dearsonma Avatar

      Why don’t you try Fiverr or Upwork. You don’t need to pay anything plus less restrictions.

  7. Ebini Adetoye James Avatar
    Ebini Adetoye James only allow U.S.A to register, i have been trying to register but it was not going. how can i register this please

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    Please ma, as am a Nigerian using Nigerian bank account and currency,….can i still get paid…???

    can the foreign currency be paid to me ????

    1. Dearsonma Avatar

      When you sign up to your chosen website, you should be able to find out this information. Fiverr has employees all over the globe.

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