I am a spa fanatic who enjoys the relaxation and the refreshing experience spa does to the body. I have been to manicure/pedicure spa, steam rooms, sauna, swimming pool spa, but never been to a hammam until this. Recently I noticed that each time I search for spa locations online, ‘hammam spa near London’ pops up, so this week I decided to explore my first hammam spa experience in London and this is how it went down.

History Of Hammam Spa: According to Spa Experience , this treatment made itself known around the world for being a relaxing and cleansing Moroccan ritual that is centuries old. Hammam treatments use hot steam to encourage a deep and invigorating cleanse. The website went further to elaborate on the art of bathing done with hammam spa as the tradition of bathing in an integral part of Middle Eastern and North African culture, often taking place in beautiful old bath-houses.

Booking My Spa Date: So I searched google for Hammam spa and I was redirected to wowcher, this is a popular website in the UK to get a bargain treat, you can book spa days, location travels, flights, and much more from wowcher. I haven’t used it much because there are some restrictions on services bought from the website. So I paid for the spa package I wanted which included tea sitting but I didn’t care much for the tea as I am not a tea fanatic. After payment, I was provided with a number from the website which I called directly to the spa and booked my appointment date and time.

Spa day in London
The Steam room at the hammam spa with a Moroccan aesthetic look

On The Spa Day: I was excited and was looking forward to having a good relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating time. On arrival, I was shown the basement area where the spa is located. Upstairs of the building houses a hair salon, manicure, pedicure corner, and what appeared to be a massage area. The downstairs basement area was Moroccan aesthetically decorated and houses a steam room, two separate shower rooms, toilets, a sitting area with teapots, a small massage room, and a marble room with about 50cm height elongated table where I later had my body scrubbed down.

What Happened At The Spa Stays At Dear Sonma: The spa period was supposed to last for 90 minutes. I was asked to use the steam room first which was very relaxing and opened up my pores, I must say it was very meditative, calm, and refreshing.

Spa day in London
Relaxing at the steam room in the hammam spa

After the steam room cycle, the female attendant announced that its time for a wash. I was walked into the marble room where I laid on the table and had my body scrubbed down and washed wearing my pink swimsuit. As she continues to wash me down I couldn’t help but reminisce on my childhood memory when my parents would wash my brothers and me to get us ready for school but by the age of 8, we were saying ‘no’ to been washed and claiming we are adults now and can wash our selves.

Getting my body scrubbed and washed by the spa attendant

Years later as an adult, I am paying someone to wash me in an exotic manner, how ironic? I couldn’t stop laughing as I let the thought of it pounder through my head. After the activity by the spa attendant which incorporated a scrub mitten and a fluffy bubble and warm water wash, my body felt smoother. I was then encouraged to have a shower in the spa shower room.

Fluffy bubble wash and warm water was used at the hammam spa

Overall it was a smashing experience, I didn’t drink the tea. I was offered a crystal glass of water at the arrival of which I declined as I just wanted to get into the real deal. Great customer service, great atmosphere, wonderful experience.

Have you been to a spa day before? Share with me your experience in the comment box below.

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  • Paul Sambo , Direct link to comment

    Although I haven’t been to a spa, from all the scenario, I believe it’s worth going for. The services is awesome. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Oyetade Covenant , Direct link to comment

    I’m a local man. I’m not sure I’ll feel comfortable. My skin tickles a lot. And I wouldn’t want to embarrass myself. ☺ ☺ But, it sure looks like an experience to have. In future, I might set up my own spa for women only. ☺ ☺

  • Phidelis Obaseki , Direct link to comment

    I’ve not been to a SPA before oooo….
    But from the pictures and videos shared and the write up made, I believe I will visit a SPA someday…. Enjoy BOSS LADY

    • NKEMDINIM IGUMBOR , Direct link to comment

      Have never had such experience but I know one day for sure I will have it

  • Steve Leonard , Direct link to comment

    Woooooowww! What a wonderful experience, I have not been to spa before but will certainly love to go there some day especially with my lady,

  • Chukwuma Faith , Direct link to comment

    Lol, don’t think I will do this o. Tho I’ve never done it before, 😜

  • Faisal aminu , Direct link to comment

    Its amazing watching you went for a spa as im hearing it’s good for the body😍 and wish you have more of it in the future😂

  • Obinwa Sylvia ifeoma , Direct link to comment

    I have not really been to spa, but from what am seeing, d feelings is heavenly. Enjoy yourself dearsonma

  • Joseph , Direct link to comment

    This is something worth doing that your future self will thank you for.
    Nice one momma

  • Jennifer Mensah , Direct link to comment

    Wowwwwww what an overwhelming experience it would be for me one day.
    Dear Sonma I have never been to the spa before

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