Police in Italy who set up a manhunt has now found the culprit. Gaetano Scutellaro , 57 who is a shop owner ran away with a scratch card worth £430,000.

Mr. Scutellaro was breezing through his shop on that good day when a retired 60-year-old lady came in to buy a scratch card, the lady proceeded to give the card to one of the employees to verify who then passed it on to Mr. Scutellaro the shop owner to do a final check, but when he realised that the scratch card is a winning number, Mr. Scutellaro, abandoned his shop, his customers, jumped in his motorcycle and flee with the scratch card.

Mr. Scutellaro was caught trying to leave Italy and jet off to vacation on the Canary Islands
Mr. Scutellaro was caught trying to leave Italy and jet off to vacation on the Canary Islands

Two days after the incident, he was stopped by police at the airport as he tried to jet off the country to Canary Island. 

According to Daily Mail. The man did not have the card with him. And proceeded to tell the police that the ticket is in a bank two hours away from the current location, Insisting that the cash prize actually belonged to him and not the customer.

What would you have done in this case if you were the customer? Drop a comment below and let me know.

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    • Anya Oluebere Joseph , Direct link to comment

      I will try to collect my money, because the money belong to me not d woner of the shop

    • Phidelis Obaseki , Direct link to comment

      If I were to be the customer, the shop owner needs to return my Scratch Card back to me and then the law enforcement agency will decide what to do with him for breaching trust between him and his customer

  • Agatha , Direct link to comment

    It’s my scratch card, so I’ll collect it bank, but that shop owner will be punished for making me suffer

  • Princess Ugi , Direct link to comment

    Ahh he didn’t behave right at all
    I’ll make sure he pays me back for all I’ve spent and compensate me

  • Oyetade Covenant , Direct link to comment

    The 60 year old woman had only one witness, which is one of the employees, the one she asked to verify the authenticity of the voucher before handing it over to Gaetano Scutellaro. But, the employee, in other to save her job, might try to take a side with her boss.
    The only thing that gave Gaetano off was the fact that he was caught on the run – while trying to escape the country. Why was he running? That was quite suspicious. He didn’t inform anyone he would be travelling. Did he just made up his mind suddenly?
    Also, he could have been caught on camera when he fled his shop in a hurry. The way I see this, I don’t think he can escape. He’s been made already. Every evidence on ground point against him.

    • Dearsonma , Direct link to comment

      The police are in his case. No escape. 😀. He is funny though to do that, imagine he abandoned his place of business.

  • Ebini Adetoye James , Direct link to comment

    the shop owner should not have done that, she should have tell the old retire woman that she won with her card, its possible she might even dash him some of those cash, he run away with somebody’s luck and police later arrest him, anyway the man has to face the lord or the woman should just claim her scratch card back and forgive the man, though the man was a wicked one but we have to let it go.

  • Taiwo Azeezat jumoke , Direct link to comment

    If I’m to be the customer, I will collect everything I won from them…since police is involved everything will be sorted out

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