7 businesses you can start with a small capital


Weeks ago few pals chatted me up inquiring on what commercial business they are able to start with small capital. When I revealed to them that there are over 50 businesses you could do with small capital they couldn’t believe me, they went ahead to add that businesses with low capital start-ups yield very low profit as well. I begged to differ. Today, we will be looking at seven businesses you can start with a small capital and how to make huge profits from them.

The reality is that everyone wants to start a business with a huge amount so to start earning huge profit in no time, but does it actually works that way in reality? Maybe yes, maybe no. Almost all entrepreneurs just want to become rich overnight without going through the rhythmic pattern involved in every business. The big question is, can a child walk without crawling or can a child start running without learning how to walk?  The Answer is No. Like we all need to pass through stages of life so do most businesses.

Stop limiting and doubting small beginnings, most success stories started from a humble beginning, most importantly, few results each day adds up to the big result.

A few years back, I read about Elon Musk. This guy is an absolute genius with brilliant ideas. He’s a successful entrepreneur, innovator, and one of the richest people in the world. But, the big question now is that, was this how big he started while trying to find a balance back then? No, but he had remained determined and stayed focus thorough out his career in spite of the knockback.

As an entrepreneur, I know you will surely have dreams of owning a company and maybe wanting to become the next Amazon or Bill Gate or probably just be content in becoming the greatest entrepreneur in your community but before those dreams come to actualization, there are some businesses you can start up with as low as little amount so that gradually, you can save up something and then start the big business you wish to do as you’ve gained not just profit from your small scale business but also strategic ways of handling the big business and trust me, handling some failures in the big business won’t look so difficult because you’ve already had failures and you got ways on handling them while running your small scale business.


Selling bottled drinks and soft drinks is one of the profitable and successful businesses, although, most people tend to see it as a poor man’s business. This is an everyday consumption product as it doesn’t spoil. All you just need to do is get a busy area like a commercial bus park, with your big cooler, umbrella, ice block and probably signpost indicating what you sell… Many entrepreneurs have made it big just by simply doing this business.


 Everyone loves popcorn. May I say that it’s one snack that is in high demand? Because of its soft texture which makes it less messy, people tend to eat it anywhere, any time, at home, in the offices, while traveling, along the road, in cinemas e.t.c This business doesn’t require a shop to start as it only requires exposed environment or probably you can pop the corn in your house, package and then go out to sell them. One good thing I love about this business is that anyone can easily do it.  All you need to do is get your Pop Corn Machine (you can buy or rent), butter, salt, sugar, packaging, oil and trust me, your business is set. Don’t forget that Pop Corn Business also generates a lot of profit as well.


Do you know that it’s not all the time people tend to prepare food at home? There are times that they choose to eat but don’t have enough time to prepare the food due to work or some other activities. This is why eateries and fast food businesses will always scale. You may not need to have a physical location for this business, you can take orders, prepare the meal at your home and supply it to consumers. Your potential customers are bank and office workers who leave their homes in the wee hours of the morning and get back at dawn with little or no time to cook at home.


Depending on the area you live. Ice block business might be your new oil. All you need is your freezer and a good source of electricity and your profitable business is set to go on.


Back in school, I had this friend who paid his school fees, his house rent and fended for himself with the money he gets from doing the cleaning business. He would normally use his hands to wash the clothes and then iron them perfectly well. You can start this business from your home, all you need is just pressing iron and if you have money to invest, you can then get a washing machine and as time goes on, you raise cash to rent a store. Don’t forget, the dry cleaning business is another business that fetches cool cash.


This is another profitable business you can start with a small capital and have a fast turnaround. A lot of people enjoy a nice prepared barbecue especially if complemented with a nice drink and most times they don’t buy for themselves alone, they buy for family and friends. Just make sure you master the art of making the BBQ and see your customers coming back and back for more.


Liquid soap production is another lucrative business. You can make triple the invested amount in a short space of time with liquid soap production. To even gain more customers, you can reduce your price and approach the supermarket to resell for you or sell it by yourself at your local market. Most people these days prefer liquid soap anyways.

NOTE: In any moment, a decision you make can change the course of your life forever, because the best Investment you can make is an investment in yourself. The real risk is doing nothing at all.

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