Sneezing and coughing during covid-19

You Do Not Have COVID-19!It May Be Hay Fever Cold Flu Or Simple Allergic Reaction

Before COVID-19 people could sneeze and cough freely without been looked at twice in public. The word ‘Bless You’ which is said to someone after the sneeze has gone out of the window since the onset of COVID-19. People with other and even more deadly diseases are given less attention and having treatment skipping due to effects of COVID-19 on the system.

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Hay Fever, Common Cold, Flu and Allergic Reactions Have The Same Symptoms As COVID-19

In 2020 The New York Times reported that Dr. Bruce Lowell, an internist in Great Neck, N.Y. Stated that “People are still having heart attacks, people are still having strokes,” he said. “I feel as if there is no awareness of anything other than Covid.”

Hay fever, common cold , flu and allergic reactions are examples of basic sickness that could sample it’s symptoms as COVID-19 where the victims may sneeze, cough, have fever,running nose,get sickly feelings and even sore throat, but the irony of this is that once you get any of this feelings this days you are a primary suspect of COVID-19.

Some may argue and say that it should be this way as COVID-19 is the fore front of sickness therefore symptoms should be seen as so but have we considered some one with respiratory condition like asthma who could be ignored when showing this symptoms and could be sent home to isolate while in worst case the untreated asthmatic attack could lead to death.

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Don’t be prejudice it might just be common cold not COVID-19

Readers are advised to isolate and continue to maintain COVID-19 guidelines, but should still be mindful not to panic when they sneeze or cough, in other word, avoid been prejudice to someone in public who may just be doing a normal coughing or sneezing.

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