7 signs that they are in love with you

7 Signs Someone Is Really In Love With You

Love is a beautiful thing but it has gotten harder to find and maintain. In this article, we will be talking about 7 signs someone is really in love with you. These signs would help you understand and discriminate between a true lover and a casual admirer.

They always remember the little things

Ever heard about the phrase ‘little things that matter?’ Little things you cherish becomes important to someone who loves you.

They would remember your favorite movies, your favorite food, they would be keen to do those little things that tickle your fantasies and keep you happy because if someone loves you, your happiness becomes their own happiness.

Something as little as them leaving you a sticky love note around the house or sending a good morning message and checking you up during the day becomes vital to them.

If someone loves you, you become the center of their attraction

You become the center of their attraction

When someone loves you, you revolve around them, they can’t stop talking about you, their family and friends would know that you exist. No hide and seek games, no sneaking out you only at night, and pretending they don’t know you during the day.

They motivate you to be a better version of yourself

When someone deeply loves you, they don’t see you as a competition. I have heard about some men getting jealous when their woman is doing better than them. A man who loves you should celebrate your wins and motivate you to be a better version of yourself, vice versa.

They always want to see you and spend time with you

No one is ever too busy my sister, do not be deceived. If he is always busy to see you, he is busy seeing someone else.

Someone who doesn’t love you will make up excuses as flimsy as, ‘I want to eat now, can I call you back?’, ‘I have been so busy with work for the past few days that’s why I haven’t returned your call.’ As soon as this word starts to fly out of their mouth, is time for you to run.

Someone that loves would be proud to show you off and wouldn’t hide it.

They feel nervous around you

Not everyone is rosy red but this could be a good sign, especially if it’s a man who is very powerful in public but when he is with you he is nervous, blush red, shy with you, and stares at you like you are the most beautiful thing they have ever seen. Just be observant of these signs.

When they talk about their future plans they include you in it

Most importantly if that person is talking about their future plans and your name is not mentioned anywhere around it, forget it, he is just seeing you as a momentary thing that would fissile away soon.

They consult with you before making important life decisions

If you are dating someone and they make decisions like travelling, buying a car or a house, relocating, without consulting with you, then they are not fully feeling you.

Someone who loves you would really want your input in their important life decisions. They might not take your advice but at least they would accord you the respect of informing you and getting your opinion before going ahead.

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