How Is COVID-19 Affecting Our Lives In 2021?

How is covid-19 affecting our lives in 2021? We are in the middle of the year, the virus is still present and affecting every aspect of our lives.


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How will COVID-19 affect our lives in 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine 2021

In 2019, a deadly virus broke out in Wuhan, China, one which no one anticipated the magnitude of the impact it has imprinted in the lives of millions across the globe. But how is covid-19 affecting our lives in 2021?

Up to date millions of lives have ceased and deceased due to COVID-19. Is COVID-19 real? You may not need to answer this, but you and I know that something is out there impacting the lives and killing millions of people, research and statistics have proved that the cause is COVID-19.

The virus’s psychological, financial, emotional, and physical impact has never been in a long time. We are in the middle of 2021 the virus is still present. The top list of things in our lives affected by the pandemic are :

Our Relationships

Many people lost their jobs and businesses in most parts of the world, therefore leading to income reduction and people losing their homes. Some people have no choice but to live apart; other groups of people are unforcedly living together with others. This is affecting relationships.

   Covid-19 is affecting our relationships with a higher number of breakups and divorce
Covid-19 is affecting our relationships with a higher number of breakups and divorce

The social distancing and lock down measures have dissociated people from the things they love doing, prompting isolation from friends, family, and normal work-life balance, therefore leading to a high rate of argument, disagreement, and separations leading to divorce. It could be more than my understanding but the pandemic is surely playing a huge role here.

Making The Vaccine Decision

COVID-19 vaccine has been rolled out this year, the hope is that it is the hope to battle the virus and will give 33% immunity against the bug with the first dose, and then recipients can get 2nd dose booster within 3-12 weeks to then have 95% immunity.

Information on NHS.UK website indicates that sore arm around the injection site, fatigue, headache, achy and getting sick feelings are side effects of the vaccine.

No one is yet to discuss the long-term effects that might occur. I do not think this is an omission by intention, but rather one that is happening by uncertainty, where no one knows what are the possible long-term effects.

Besides the vaccine, what else could bring the solution to the current pandemic? In 2021 we have to make a concrete decision where we have to decide whether to go ahead and take a vaccine which we do not know the long-term effect or gamble and stand a chance of contacting COVID-19. The irony is, people who are vaccinated are still catching the virus.

Technology And Social Media Take Over

It is here to stay and we have to get used to it. With isolation and limitations to outside entertainment, people are finding their passion on social media and 2021 is going to be a huge year of social media take over. Let us be honest, people are bored and social media is the only thing popping right now.


It will never be the same book flight, pack bag, and go. Travel restrictions are in place. Countries have placed a travel ban on areas with high number of COVID-19, therefore, making travelling even more difficult. Many considerations are included with travelling this period. Travellers are required to get tested before and after the travel date, wearing a mask during the travel transition period is a must, obeying quarantine rules according to your destination country is mandated. This makes me wonder if all this hassle is worth travelling.

Hopefully, things start to get back to normal soon.



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