7 Ways To Live Your Best Life Even Without Money

7 Ways To Live Your Best Life Even Without Money

Many people correlate living your best life and being happy with money, truth is that money is everything but it is not the very thing. There are people who have millions and billions spilling off their bank accounts but they are not really happy, money doesn’t complete living your best life. To an outwards person it may seem that a rich person has it all. Please do not misunderstand the fact that money is good and helps us solve a lot of life problems, even making things easier and smoother, but, this is not equivalent to happiness or living your best life. Let us quickly dive into 7 ways to live your best life even without money.

Do something good for someone without expectation

How do you feel when someone does something nice for you without expecting anything back in return? ‘Good, isn’t it?’

In the quest to live your best life why don’t you look into gifting someone something that is within your reach that they may need.

This could be offering your talent to a charity show, offering to pay someone else’s lunch or dinner, or even school fees. Do whatever you can afford within your reach without tearing your pocket.

Spend time with people that matters most to you

While venturing into parts of the 7 ways to live your best life without money, do not forget to spend time with the people that matter to you and mean the world to your existence.

We are humans who thrive in love and bask in passion, especially when shared with the people that we love and cherish.

Strive to stay away from people who dampen your vibration and energy with little to no positivity radiating through them.


Define who you are and what you want

What does living your best life means to you? Who are you and what do you want? One of the 7 ways you can live your best life without money is by defining who you’re and what you want, this will help you understand yourself more and be able to set boundaries.

When you understand who you are and what you want this will stop you from allowing any and everything into your space, thereby limiting people from overstepping their boundaries with you, and pushing you around like a yo-yo.

Go on a window shopping spree

A window shopping spree could bring you that gratification that shopping brings without you spending the shopping money.

Take it as a sightseeing treat, go see what is new on the market, indulge your eyes and senses with that good feeling of a brand new item, and get happy whilst at it.

Donate to charity

One of the 7 ways you can live your best life without money is by donating to your favorite charity or starting your own charity.

This will obviously be if you have the right resources and capital to do so.

There is joy in giving and knowing that people’s lives are impacted through you and that you made a difference with your resources. Now, that’s a real definition of you living your best life!

Do more of the common things that makes you happy

What makes you happy? Listening to music? Reading? Watching a movie?

In the hunt for money, we have lost our path as we seem to be in a race against time and money that most of us have forgotten to live but only exist.

Take a pause, discover the things that make you happy. Harness them, take a mini-break to shut off the pursuit for money and the rest of the world.

Revamp your good memories

One of the 7 ways you can live your best life without money is to relinquish your good memories.

Visit the places you felt the happiest, look at the pictures and videos of good memories you created, and talk about these good memories.

Drop me a comment below to let me know how you are living your best life these days.

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