Self-Love is the best feeling in the world

How To Love Yourself Unapologetically

Best friends, it has come to my attention that, we have been worried about self-love recently, leading us to ask some and more of these questions:

Will I ever find self-love?

Will self-love find me?

How are people finding self-love?

How and where do I find self-love?

Will it be selfish to find self-love?

And most importantly, how do I love myself unapologetically?

Love, is a strong word, in comparison to its opposite counterpart which starts with ‘H’. Hate…Hate is a word I never like to use, I would rather go for the word ‘dislike’, for example, I would say, I dislike that place, I dislike that person’s attitude.

Hate is a word that shouldn’t reside in our vocabulary, and one should be cautious of using this word, should you want love as the subject of your life.

One thing about self-love is that when you discover it, it shapes everything else in your life, your work relationship would be healthier, you pick and choose who you want in your life by their genuineness and not by your need to be around people for validity, you stand a minimum chance of ending up in a relationship where you are been taking advantage of because you do not know your worth and just want to be loved.

Self-love covers it all, it shows you that person that can conquer any and everything without the validation of people who cares less about your happiness.

Below I will be sharing with you how to practice BSFS. BSFS would enlighten you about falling and staying in love with yourself unapologetically:

finding self love and falling in love with yourself
“One thing about self-love is that when you discover it, it shapes everything else in your life

Believe: We attract what we believe in, we attract what we visualise, most times what we wish comes to us, therefore believe in yourself and proclaim positive thoughts about yourself. While believing in yourself be assertive and realistic. Self believe allows you to trust yourself, thereby the courage to explore your capabilities and inner strength shines through, and when this happens it brings a sparkle of hope to your whole existence.

Seek No Invalid Validation: You have to be unapologetic and quit the idea of seeking validation from people who give zero fu_k about you! When we seek validation from people, we give them the power to control our emotions, therefore if it is someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart, their words poured unto you while seeking their validation can hurt your self-love.

Forgive Yourself When You Fumble: Most of the time we end up beating up ourselves for mistakes that happened, and if we think and reflect on some of those mistakes, truly, there is absolutely nothing we could have done to change or prevent them from happening. I have understand to forgive myself and moving on from my mistakes by first of all realising that I am not a supreme being and acknowledging my limitations, however, still remain cautious where I could to avoid mistakes from happening, but sometimes life happens, and if it does, I will be like ‘oh well, that one was meant to be, I can’t be perfect, you can’t be perfect, we are not supreme’. Lastly, you should understand that some mistakes happen so we can learn and grow from them.

Spend Quality Time With Yourself: This is always a go-to for self-love, you do be surprised how much people find it a task to spend quality time with themselves. Do you know that, by simply staying indoors in your crib by yourself, you could avoid so much unnecessary problems? Be mindful, I am not disputing the pros of spending time with your loved ones, but we are talking about self-love here. You do not have to say yes to that friend’s BBQ outing every weekend, you can say no to that task from your family or friend because you feel exhausted and want to spend quality time with yourself. Do not be afraid to Indulge in your own world once in a while, and do absolutely those things that makes you happy.

How to fall and stay in love with your self
Always Remember, Self Love Is The Best Love

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07 comments on “How To Love Yourself Unapologetically

  • Arthur Chinua , Direct link to comment

    Very true nobody is perfect so the best way to move one is to always forgive yourself when you make mistakes and move on immediately.

  • Phidelis Obaseki , Direct link to comment

    Another mind blowing Article..
    Thanks for the inspiring write up.
    My contribution,
    for us to actually build up self love we must
    1. Stop comparing yourself to others.
    2. Don’t worry about others’ opinions.
    3. Allow yourself to make mistakes and learn from it.
    4. Remember your value doesn’t lie in how your body looks.
    5. Don’t be afraid to let go of toxic people.
    6. Process your fears.
    7. Trust yourself to make good decisions for yourself.

    • Stephen Dozie , Direct link to comment

      Well said because when you spend quality time with yourself it’s then that you will discover that everything that you need to become what God has created you to be has already been fashioned in your being.

    • Stephen Dozie , Direct link to comment

      I like these articles, it do remind me of unforgettable Thomas Edison who failed 999 times before he was able to achieve his dream of inventing the electric bulb. Self love is what every mankind need.
      Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Oyetade Covenant , Direct link to comment

    Brilliant writeup. It’s quite an interesting read. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

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